2022 KTM RC models unveiled

Christopher Chaves Published: August 31, 2021, 10:04 PM IST

After all the anticipation, the wait is finally over. KTM has finally lifted the covers off its next-generation KTM RC 390 and KTM RC 125 bikes.

The new look

On the visual front, we've previously gotten sneak peeks at KTM's new RC series designs, where almost all the panels have been redesigned, echoing the design of the RC16 race bike. The Austrian manufacturer now explains that it has opted for the new bikes to 'not only to give it a striking visual presence but also to optimise aerodynamics due to higher top speeds'. The new bikes get a larger sculpted 13.7-litre fuel tank which should mean fewer stops on the trot. The new panels are supposed to manage engine heat dispersion a lot better too.

2022 KTM RC 390

Under the skin

The new RCs are based on an all-new exposed steel trellis frame with the bolted-on subframe. The suspension has also undergone a major refresh, with adjustable open cartridge WP APEX upside-down front forks up front, which offer 30 clicks of adjustable compression as well as rebound adjustment settings.

2022 KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 390 is fitted with a WP APEX rear shock absorber which offers pre-load adjustment and 5 clicks rebound settings. The KTM RC 125 on the other hand, misses out on the adjustable suspension setup but features a WP APEX open cartridge front fork with a new factory setting, and a new WP APEX shock absorber with split piston functionality.

Ergo and Electronics

The new RCs still boast aggressive albeit slightly more relaxed ergonomics, the race-inspired split seat with a revised knee area, low-set clip-on handlebars, lower seat height, and slightly bettered ground clearance.

The 2022 KTM RC range was developed with a focus on weight saving, with extensive savings made throughout the chassis. An all-new wheel design accounts for a 3.4 kg unsprung weight saving over the previous generation, while the new ByBre braking system saves a good 960grams. The new frame too, saves a good 1.5 kg over the previous model.

On the electronics front, the new generation KTM RC 390 gets Supermoto ABS, cornering ABS, and lean-sensitive traction control all thanks to the new IMU on board, and the optional bi-directional quickshifter. The RC 125 misses out on these features but gets the 'MY RIDE' system which allows riders to access important information at a glance on the Bluetooth enabled TFT display.

New RC 390 engine?

Nope. KTM have chosen not to tinker with the existing 373cc, single pot, DOHC engine too much. The RC 390's 43.5PS max power output figure remains the same as the previous model, but torque is now up by 2Nm to 37Nm, and this is all down to thanks a redesigned airbox and some revisions to the engine mapping.

When are the new RC models coming to India?

Now KTM has stated that the new-gen RC bikes will be available in dealers abroad by March22, so the bikes should come to India around the same time. We can picture most of you rubbing your hands in glee, but hold on just a minute. Remember what KTM did with the 390 Adventure, in India? Yup. No adjustable suspension setup for us out here. We're sure that KTM might not bring its new-gen RC bikes to India with all the features that the models in markets abroad will come with, just to keep the price in check. But we can just hope and pray that the company does, for now. Prices should be substantially more than the outgoing model (priced at around Rs 2.64lakh, ex-showroom, Mumbai) so you could expect to pay close to Rs 3 lakh, which is just about in the territory of the recently launched built-to-order TVS Apache RR 310 which will currently set you back by around Rs 2.80lakh.

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