Coronavirus impact: Single mother covers 1400km on a Honda Grazia to bring back her son to safety

Team OD Updated: April 11, 2020, 01:16 PM IST

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all forms of trade and travel across the globe. The impact of novel Coronavirus was so sudden that it initiated a nationwide lockdown leaving people stranded without food, water and essentials throughout the country. Amid the chaos, a single mother travels 1400 km to get her son back home.

Razia Begum, a teacher from Telangana's Nizamabad rode her Honda Grazia to Nellore in Andhra Pradesh to bring back her son to safety. She started her journey on Monday morning and reached Nellore in Andhra Pradesh by Tuesday afternoon. She met with her 17-year-old son, Mohammed Nizamuddin and rode back to Nizambad on Wednesday afternoon. It was a three-day-long journey on a Honda Grazia.

Razia Begum is a mother of two children, a son and a daughter living in a small town of Bodhan on the Maharashtra-Telangana border. Nizamuddin was preparing for his medical test in Hyderabad when his friend's father needed medical attention and thus he travelled to Nellore to offer help.

And this was when the lockdown was initiated, on learning the news about the nationwide lockdown, Razia approached Bodhan's ACP Jaipal Reddy for a curfew pass. She took some essentials with her and started riding to Nellore for her son.

The image shows Razia being crowded by reporters with her son sitting at the back, asking questions about the 1400km long journey on the Honda Grazia to bring her son back. We hope she was wearing a helmet, the image does not show one.

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