Ten Tesla Cybertruck inspired custom renderings

Team OD Published: November 30, 2019, 05:24 PM IST

A week ago Elon Must unveiled Tesla's latest creation, the Cybertruck. While it looks like something what you and I could've scribbled behind our notebooks, the Tesla Cybertruck is a premium all-electric pick-up truck that claims to offer better performance that any other pickup. And just to demonstrate that, the Tesla Cybertruck took on the Ford F-150 in a tug of war and also won it by a huge difference. This seemed controversial to many and that's Ford has officially challenged Tesla for an official tug of war match. Mentioning of controversies, the grand unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck also made news for the shattering of its front and side window panel that is claimed to be an armoured unit. Musk highlighted the positive in this by stating, "It didn't go through. There's room for improvement"

Three versions of the Tesla Cyber truck will be available. The base version is the single motor RWD. This has over 400 km of range, can tow over 3.4 tons and get from 0 to 96 kmph in 6.5s and a 177 kmph topspeed. The  Dual Motor AWD can tow over 4.5 tons, get from 0 to 96 kmph in around 4.5s and have a range more than 482 km. The top-spec Tri Motor AWD has a supercar-beating 0 to 96 kmph time of under 2.9s, although production will only begin late 2022. This also has a range of over 800 km and a 210 kmph top-speed. The tow-rating is a segment-leading 6.3 tons.

While the deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck have been promised to commence from 2022 onward, the creative kinds have already started imaging the Cybertruck in different versions. From a station wagon to a sedan to even imagining its Indian iteration.

1) Dubai Police's Tesla Cybertruck that joins its fleet of high pursuit exotic cars:

The elite police force already boasts of exotics like the Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes-AMG GT and others. The Tesla Cybertruck will be included next year confirmed Dubai police on their social handle. Imagine being chased by this one!

2) The Hippie version (image source)

If camping is your thing, the hippie version of the Tesla Cybertruck should be your ideal road tripping vehicle. With a long range and a storage bed that can double up as a room, this cool camper is what you need. And yea that vinyls can be customised. This one looks to have taken some Indian inspiration.

3) Tesla Cybertruck Racecar with performance tyres (image source)

In its stock version, the Tesla Cybertruck looks a tad too simple and not to everyone's taste. But then the following mod will transform it into a lowered racer with all-terrain tyres and triple electric motor.

4) Tesla Cybertruck as Batmobile! (image source)

How cool is that now! A Batmobile that's electric and looks like that. And it comes in black too. Where can sign up for this?

5) Tesla Cybertruck for Marvel/DC fans  (image source)

One for the comic fans of DC / Marvel movies. While this one doesn't get much of fancy lines (like the Batmobile), it does come with interesting colours. Agree/Disagree?

6) Tesla Cybertruck with  Cyberpunk 2077 theme  (image source)

Imagine driving the Tesla Cybertruck in the dystopian Night City in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game that comes out next year.

7) Tesla Cybertruck as an hovercraft  (image source)

Elon Musk can fit a pair of rocket thrusters on the Tesla Cybertruck and we'll be flying in it.

8) Tesla Cybertruck taking inspiration from the Delorean  (image source)

Time travel anyone? The Delorean inspired rendering of the Tesla Cybertruck should take you way ahead of time.

9) Tesla Cybertruck with Initial D livery  (image source)

Fan of the classic Initial D anime series, the Tesla Cybertruck with triple electric motors should carve those corners in a nice way. Something that we need to see when the final production version comes out.

10) Tesla Cybertruck as a Halo Warthog  (image source)

The attacker with guns and missiles. Your weapon of choice in Halo?

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